CYACA members have extensive experiences of working in relevant fields, making us effective in voicing our demands and making ourselves be heard


We are the first youth-led nonprofit climate corporation in Canada to directly take an active role in working with the government on passing relevant legislations


We want to enact meaningful change within the Canadian government by drafting legislations and working directly with relevant authorities




Chief Executive Officer | Head of Board of Directors

Calvin is the CEO/Head of Board of Directors for CYACA. He is also a Core Organizer with Fridays for Future NY and NY Climate Strike Coalition and was one of the organizers that rallied more than 315,000 people to attend a Climate Strike in New York. Outside of New York, Calvin is active at an international level for Fridays for Future. Politically, Calvin has campaigned with Green Party in the 2019 Federal Election of Canada and the Michael Bloomberg for President campaign in the 2020 Presidential Election. Calvin believes in the power of the market to bring forth climate action as well as the importance of aggressive legislations guiding Canada to a carbon-neutral economy efficiently and pragmatically. 



Senior Vice President | Board of Directors

Victor Tong is a senior VP and a member on the Board of Directors. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC his main mission is to help establish a youth commission for climate advocacy in Vancouver to bring discourse between elected politicians and students. Outside of climate advocacy, he is an avid debater and a history buff, competing for Philips Academy Andover and Team Canada internationally. Victor seeks to bring his global perspective and diverse knowledge into leading the company for positive social change.


Chief Operating Officer | Board of Directors

Michael Yang is currently a serving Director of the Board of Directors for CYACA. He co-founded Climate Youths Canada with Calvin (fun fact: they are not related) and has been involved in many other environmental initiatives in the past few years, including Fridays for Future protests in Toronto. Michael believes in harnessing technology to prepare Canada for a green revolution and provides a unique voice to not only the Board of Directors but company-wide policies and logistics. 



Senior Vice President | Board of Directors

Logan Hathaway- Williams is a grade 12 student at Templeton Secondary School. Since a young age, she has been concerned about climate change, but she has only recently become involved in climate activism. During a program that centered around marine conservation, she saw first-hand the devastating impacts of climate change in the bleaching of coral and the rapid decline of many animal and plant populations. She decided that she would join the global movement to recognize climate change as the critical emergency of our generation.

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Alessandro Dal Bon

Chair of the Foreign Advisory Board | Non-Voting Member of the Board of Directors

Alessandro is a 16-year-old student-activist and organizer based in New York City. He is one of the lead organizers of the climate movement in the US and internationally, having organized four mass mobilizations in New York City while coordinating nationally and internationally. With Fridays For Future and the NYC Youth Climate Coalition, Alessandro worked on partnerships, fundraising, communications (social media, traditional media, messaging), and logistics (permitting, programming, booking). He co-founded Students For Bloomberg in late 2019 in support of Mike Bloomberg for President of the United States in 2020, in this way working to mobilize thousands of students and raising awareness. In early 2020, Alessandro joined the Youth Constituency to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Alessandro currently heads the Foreign Advisory Board where he works with foreign advisors to provide fair and detailed political advice for the firm.