Our Key Values

1. CYACA is a non-partisan lobbying firm. We believe in the urgency of addressing climate change and the importance of youth involvement throughout the process. Thus, CYACA is willing to work with every political party and organization across Canada to realize our belief. CYACA will only endorse a particular political party during a Federal Election that aligns with our views the most.

2. CYACA is dedicated to constructing an open dialogue between Canadian politicians and youths. This is achieved through hosting high-level and direct dialogues between relevant stakeholders and Canadian youths, representing the interests of Canadian youths at key international events, as well as advocating for a bigger youth representation and input in key federal policies.

3. CYACA believes in the importance of transparency. However, due to our special nature as a lobbying firm, we will not reveal any information regarding our latest updates with clients or legislation lobbying progress to protect the interests of both relevant stakeholders and the firm and safeguard the level of trust established between both parties. 

4. CYACA supports a holistic approach to lobbying. Unlike traditional lobbyists that lobby solely for financial or personal gains, CYACA is entirely non-profit and is run by unpaid employees and volunteers. This marks our motives clear that we seek to directly engage with Canadian politicians in order to further the progress of climate action and carbon neutrality across the country as well as increase the level of youth involvement on key environmental issues. We would like to bring a refreshing change to Canada's lobbying industry.

5. CYACA follows and safeguards key Canadian ideals and values. As a diverse and tolerant country, Canada constantly ranks as one of the world's most multicultural and progressive countries. CYACA firmly believes in and follows that practice by practicing non-discriminatory hiring practices. CYACA also seeks to practice and promote bilingualism in English and French during our events, meetings, and so forth. One's ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation are not put into consideration during an application process. CYACA solely evaluates applicants based on their merits, passions, and potential contributions to the firm and wider society.